Organic cultivation is relatively easy in Jumilla due to the Mediterranean climate and the fact that we have a unique indigenous variety that’s perfectly adapted to the conditions: Monastrell. This exceptional variety goes into making our attractive organic wines that have won over the most sophisticated palate and have prices to suit everyone’s pocket.

There are four determining factors that make our region ideal for organic cultivation: Mediterranean climate, high temperatures, wind, and permeable soils.


The Mediterranean climate is characterized by dry, hot summers. What’s more, the region benefits from mountains with deep valleys that give rise to a continental microclimate. This means there’s very little rain, and if it doesn’t rain there’s no moisture, so there’s no need to use systemic fungicides. If anything, we use copper sulphate on organic crops to prevent downy and powdery mildew.


The temperatures in Jumilla start to rise above 30ºC from the middle of June, which slows down the growth of fungal diseases and at around 40ºC kills them altogether.

temperatures in Jumilla 2020


DO Jumilla, in the north of the region of Murcia, is blessed by the Mediterranean Levant wind that blows in from the east. Winds that come in from the coast carry moisture and lower temperatures. However, by the time the Levant reaches Jumilla it’s hot and dry having passed over the mountains, which protects the vineyards from disease. This naturally makes the region arid and growing conditions harsh. Under hydric stress, the vines compete for water and produce small grapes concentrated in flavour.


Most of our vineyards have sandy-loam soils with abundant calcareous rock that sits on the top of the soil holding the moisture in and reflecting the sun’s rays back up to the plant. The well-drained subsoils let the water trickle down to the deep roots, keeping the topsoil dry and free from fungal infection.



At Bodegas Viña Elena, 70% of our grapes are certified organic and in the near future the figure will be 100%. In 2007, we released Pacheco Monastrell Organic, and we’ve been selling it for 13 years both at home and abroad with excellent results.

Many consumers and importers know that DO Jumilla is one of the world’s major regions for organic wines. Currently, wines from Jumilla, and especially Monastrell, are trending on many markets, including the UK.

Last August, we submitted our Pacheco Monastrell Organic 2019 to The Autumn Tasting organised by international magazine The Drinks Business. The blind tasting was carried out by internationally famous wine experts, Patrick Schmitt MW, Patrick Stefanowicz MW and David Round MW. They tasted over 300 wines from around the world across a range of styles and prices.

Familia Pacheco Monastrell organic

We were delighted when our Pacheco Monastrell Organic 2019 was awarded Gold and chosen out of so many fine wines as the best value-for-money red. They describe our wine as youthful, with aromas of fresh plum, red cherries, blackcurrants, floral notes of violets and a touch of black pepper, and smooth, fine tannins. They also highlight that it could be the ideal wine for these Covid-19 times, with restrictions and outdoor socialising with family and friends. And that’s because it’s a wine with the weight and warmth to help you keep out the chill from within.

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