Familia Pacheco Monovarietales


Garnacha and Syrah

When grape varieties from other regions are grown in Jumilla, they acquire distinctive characteristics due to its unique climate and soil.
Aware of this differentiating factor, we aim to demonstrate just how special Jumilla’s single-varietal wines really are.

Our premium range of easy-to-drink lightly-oaked wines are made to attract wine lovers who are looking for more than just a classic coupage. Who are looking for the distinct aromas and flavours of individual grape varieties in every glass. Who want to drink refreshing, smooth and uncomplicated wines.

We want to inform our clients about what they are drinking: how it’s made and what’s behind its aroma and taste. We want to give them the technical notes so they have the knowledge they need to be able to learn about, understand and rate the wine.

Try single varietals is a way to approach the wine from the base, thus being easier to discover the nuances that each grape brings.