Familia Pacheco

The Pacheco Family

How to follow tradition while looking to the future.

Family and tradition

Francisco Pacheco Pérez

1st generation

Paco Pacheco Molina

2nd generation

Elena & Emi Pacheco

3th generation

Viña Elena is a bodega from Jumilla located in the north of Murcia. This family-run bodega dates back to 1948 when Francisco, the current generation’s late-grandfather, began to make wine from his modest winepress at the family

Familia Pacheco, tres generaciones de bodegueros y viticultores

Bodegas Viña Elena

Although the business has evolved in terms of technology, the current generation are respectful of their family heritage and strive to create a warm and friendly environment for both clients and employees alike following the examples of Paco and Francisco.

Experience combined with innovation and the diligent work of a young, professional team guarantees the quality of our products and is a true reflection of our wines.

Instalaciones Bodegas Viña Elena

The other family

The individuals who form part of the team at Viña Elena also form the heart and soul of the business, thanks to their willingness to do things right from start to finish.

As a consequence, the Pacheco family takes pride in being able to rely on generation after generation of the very same families who embarked on the bodega’s first wine adventure with Francisco Pacheco and are still with the bodega today; contributing their wisdom and outstanding ability, which, together with the youth and freshness of the bodega’s youngest ever team, have turned the business into a successful venture with a guaranteed future for all those involved

El equipo de bodegas Viña Elena

The vineyards

The region’s predominant grape variety, Monastrell, has found its perfect habitat in the region’s unique terroir, which fulfils three fundamental requirements: the grape variety, the composition of the soil, and the climate. This combination helps the grapes to develop their unique characteristics of colour and flavour to the full, which in turn has become synonymous with quality.

Our newest dryland Monastrell vineyards are located in south facing plots on sun-kissed slopes and are covered with rough chalk stones, which provide good drainage and store up moisture from the scarce rainfall. Despite the extreme conditions, the Monastrell grape variety is perfectly suited to the region and gives rise to exceptionally high quality low yields.