Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Premium Quality Arbequina

The soul is an essence that cannot be seen nor touched, yet sometimes can be tasted.


This extra virgin olive oil is made from Bodegas Viña Elena’s olive trees planted by Paco Pacheco. The family patriarch carefully selected the location to plant the orchards on the slopes of the valley in poor, rocky soils, with good sunlight exposure. The olives are harvested while still green (unripe) in order to achieve a highly aromatic intensity that will guarantee enhanced stability in glass bottles for a long period of time. The olives are crushed as soon as they are harvested at a temperature of 24°C in order to capture their fruity green-olive aromas and flavours. This means that the amount of oil extracted is less than might be expected, giving rise to limited production. For every kilo of olives only 110 ml of oil is produced. The Arbequina olive variety produces delicate, elegant oils, making it ideal for those who are new to extra virgin olive oil.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra Alma de Emi arbequina
Olivos y aceite de oliva virgen extra de Bodegas Viña Elena


Aromas reminiscent of tomato plants, green tea, and freshly cut grass. Fruity green-olive flavours with a light touch of bitterness, and peppery notes.


Owing to its mild flavour, this extra virgin olive oil is ideal for salads, marinating, and even cooking.