Aceite de oliva virgen extra EMI

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Emi

Arbequina olive variety

Due to its exceptional mildness, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal with salads and is especially good for frying.

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The oil is extracted using the ‘Cold Press’ extraction method which means that the oil is obtained via mechanical processes only.

The entire process is carried out at below 24ºC which guarantees that the aromas and properties of the fruit are preserved in the final product; a process that not only safeguards the oil’s natural aromas but also its internationally recognised health benefits.

Olivos y aceite de oliva virgen extra de Bodegas Viña Elena

Olive groves

Viña Elena’s olive groves are planted with hundred-year-old olive trees, which alternate with super-intensive farming plantations; a method which lowers production costs and guarantees maximum quality at a competitive price.

Our superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) starts life in the olive groves where the trees and their fruit are painstakingly nurtured throughout the growth cycle.

Olive harvesting is always carried out in the pre-veraison ripening stage in order to heighten the aromatic intensity and sweetness of the oil.