Los Cucos de la Alberquilla

Perfect for matching with dark 80% cocoa chocolate

The idea behind Los Cucos de la Alberquilla was conceived with the aim of creating something entirely new and exciting, something capable of making its very own statement.

Bodegas Viña Elena has created a Cabernet Sauvignon wine designed to highlight the singular characteristics and outstanding qualities of this international grape variety; by first forging its personality in the vat and then merging this strong asset with the balance and freshness acquired from a short ageing period in oak.

What is a cuco?

‘Cucos’ are a type of traditional shelter, originally built by shepherds to protect them from the elements, whose walls are usually dry-stone built and sometimes rendered on the outside with plaster or mud.

The name of the wine pays ho-mage to one of the few Cucos left in the region in a place called La Alberquilla, in Jumilla, Murcia.


With a short time in oak of 300 liters we get a wine that breaks the plant cabernet character, appearing ripe notes, reflecting our semiarid climate.

It has balance and freshness that has brought its short aging in wood.

Color & aroma

Intense maroon in color with good depth, this well balanced wine boasts aromas of ripe fruit, caramel, roasted sensations, with lactose and black liquorice notes.

Food matching

Los Cucos de la Alberquilla is the perfect match for winter casseroles, roasts, charcoal-grilled meats, semi-cured cheeses, and pâté, as well as with dark 80% cocoa chocolate.