Familia Pacheco Selección

Familia Pacheco SELECCIÓN

"Only the most exceptional grape bunches from select vines were chosen to make this wine in homage to the family patriarch: Paco Pacheco."

The idea of this wine was breaking with the traditional image and create something different, with the intention to make a modern mediterranean wine, without losing the classical touch that gives its long aging, both in oak and bottle.

Vino Familia Pacheco Selección para Paco

Colour & aroma

Pleasurable first impressions in the mouth are highlighted via its smooth tannins and the velvety sensations left in its wake, all of which are expertly incorporated in the complex flavours conferred by its long ageing process in French oak.

Selección is an elegant, subtle wine with a good balance between fleshiness and finesse, which seduces with every new sip.

Food Matching

Its fine structure and balance afford this wine countless matching possibilities with food, making it the perfect companion for:

  • Barbecue-grilled red meats
  • Select cuts of small game: wild boar
  • Partridge, quail…meat casseroles
  • Pasta dressed with creamy sauces
  • Iberian cured meats and sausages
  • Foie gras on toast
  • Cured cheeses