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Síntesis (Synthesis in English): is the coming together of two or more elements to create a new, more complex entity whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Síntesis resists being bottled and rebels even when being made yet boasts a unique sensitivity, which gives rise to its huge personality; a phenomenon confirmed by those who have had the pleasure of witnessing its creation.

Soil, water, and vine: the combination of individual elements to create a whole.


Síntesis is a complex single-varietal wine made from 100% Monastrell grapes grown in the bodega’s own vineyards on low-yield vines that are subject to rigorous controls throughout the year and are selected for their first-rate quality.

Aging of wine

This signature red wine, a project launched with the idea of creating something markedly different, is put through a long maceration process before being aged 15 months in 300-litres first-fill French oak barrels and for a further 24 months in the bottle.

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Colour & aroma

Síntesis is an intense red wild cherry in colour. Mineral notes appear on the nose, as well as aromas of stewed fruit: dried apricots, prunes…

Very balsamic, with hints of dried Mediterranean scrubland plants (rosemary, rockrose and natural liquorice); spicy, again with a balsamic touch reminiscent of nutmeg and sweet notes such as vanilla and cinnamon, with very well defined sensations.

Food Matching

Síntesis is the ideal wine for brin-ging out the flavours of:

  • Roasts
  • Marinated meats
  • Cured cheeses
  • Spicy casseroles

Serving suggestion: open the wine one or two hours before drinking and/or decant. Serve at 16 to 18ºC.