Vermucho, El vermú de Viña Elena


A new trendy drink with a new manufacturing process in which other ingredients are added to achieve mediterranean flavors.

Vermucho is an aromatized wine that has been macerated in 300 liter barrels of second year, who had previously had wine, for 6 months, which gives volume and body in the mouth that makes it different.

Vermucho logo, ajenjo

A special icon

ABSINTHE sheet is our brand emblem. Considered since ancient times a medicinal plant. Bitter taste, taken in infusion was recognized beneficial properties for the digestive system. It is the main ingredient used to make vermouth and is what gives it that special bitter taste, so appreciated the time to enjoy a nice aperitif.

Colour & aroma

Amber clean and bright. Balsamic, aniseed and herbaceous notes.

Measured sweetness, velvety feel, smooth bitterness. Retronasal aromas of herbs and spices are appreciated.

Food matching

Ideal as an appetizer, to match with tapas and salted fish, also fits very well with desserts, especially those made with cheese.

Estuche botella vermucho y 4 vasos

mermelada de Vermú Vermucho


Vermucho marmalade, the vermouth that can be eaten.
The flavor of Vermucho made jam, a sweet with the slight bitterness and balsamic notes of vermouth, which will accompany your desserts or cheeses … and even, the toast for breakfast.