Viña Elena defends Monastrell beyond any variety, no because being a better grape than the rest, but because we always have paid homage to our origins, to our authentic origins and there is nothing that belong us more than Monastrell.


Beyond Monastrell

We work for our native variety, but without desisting from cultivating other varieties that, due to the vegetative cycle they get adapted perfectly to our soil and climate. In Jumilla, the same varieties from other parts of the world acquire special characteristics because of climatology, location, and the type of soil. For a better understanding, single-variety wines are those who are elaborated from just one variety of grape.

Single-variety wines from Familia Pacheco are pale wines, without a lot of extraction, with the main objective of making them enjoyable during the whole year, even summer. The concept that red wines are just for winter has already become outdated with this single-variety line, they can get cooled down in a temperature between 12 and 14 °C. As they are wines without a lot of tannins and concentration, with good acidity, light-bodied, and combine with any kind of summer dish.

Furthermore, in these young wines you can appreciate all the variety’s characteristics as they did not go through barrel and any aging process can cover up the primary aromas that characterize the own variety. It is obvious that depending on where the grapes are cultivated, cold or warm zone, some notes or nuances change, even then each variety express their character and personality. A single-variety wine is the full identification of the grape’s characteristics, always with common elements as color, aromas, and taste.

Familia Pacheco Airén - aromas
Familia Pacheco Syrah - aromas
Familia Pacheco Garnacha - aromas
Familia Pacheco Monastrell - aromas
Cucos- Cabernet - aromas

At Viña Elena, despite working mainly with Monastrell, with count with diverse single-variety wines, as we said at the beginning of the article, these are some of them:

  • Airén variety (Familia Pacheco Blanco)
  • Syrah variety (Familia Pacheco Syrah)
  • Garnacha variety (Familia Pacheco Garnacha)
  • Tempranillo variety (Familia Pacheco Rosado)
  • Monastrell variety (Familia Pacheco Monastrell organic)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon variety (Cucos de la Alberquilla)

Enjoying single-variety wines

Taste single-variety wines is one way of getting c loser to wine from the base, being easier to discover the nuances that every grape provides.

To celebrate the summer (and trying to survive to it) we have on sale a summer pack where we compile the youngest single-variety wines of our winery, with the ones we can discover each grape characters and even boost wine knowledge.

In this summer pack we can enjoy:

  • – Spiced notes to pepper and red fruits from Familia Pacheco Syrah.
  • – The refreshing, young and fruity flavor from our Familia Pacheco Rosado.
  • – Balsamic and silky notes present in Familia Pacheco Garnacha
  • – Red fruits and cocoa aromas from our Familia Pacheco Monastrell.

We complete the collection with a white wine, that with our Vermucho (free gift in the pack) makes the perfect match for an appetizer you cannot miss.

Because summer it’s better enjoyed with fresh wines.

Link for buying Summer Pack online.