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The wines

We produce two major wine ranges: the traditional Familia Pacheco range and the Bruma del Estrecho de Marín collection made from the grapes from smaller vineyards that allows us to innovate and experiment.
We also produce other wines that deserve a mention.

Familia Pacheco - Viña Elena

The Familia Pacheco range are traditionally made wines. They are made with grapes from our own vineyards close to the bodega, and grapes grown by other local farmers who have been bringing us their grapes for over 40 years. The wines are made from grape varieties that have been especially selected for their adaptability to the region.

On the labels, the swallow represents the circle of life of the vine, which is also a direct reference to the family’s generational changes. We respect our roots while never ceasing to grow. The union between the past, present and future is highlighted by the symbol which brings together the diverse structures of the bodega.

Gama de vino Familia Pacheco
Bruma del Estrecho de Marín


This collection is the personal project of Elena Pacheco and Isio Ramos whose aim was to make 100% Monastrell wines from different plots in DOP Jumilla, allowing each wine to express itself in relation to its microclimate, soil, location and age of the vineyard, using different cultivation and production methods.

The Monastrell variety has a different profile depending on whether it is grown in sandy, loam, calcareous or stony soils. In this collection, we have produced a series of delicious, fresh, dynamic wines all from our indigenous grape variety.

Vinos Bruma del Estrecho de Marín

Los Cucos de la Alberquilla demonstrates the particularity of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety that has adapted well to the region’s soils and climate, which we call a Cabernet made from the sun.

Síntesis is a limited edition Monastrell wine from 2005, a unique vintage whose climatic and environmental factors have not been repeated since, and there are only a few bottles left. This wine was aged for 13 months in oak and still maintains its elegance.  The surprising evolution of this Monastrell makes it an incomparable wine.

Vermucho is our very own vibrant vermouth. A special maceration using Mediterranean herbs gives it a distinctive note, as distinctive as the colour of its bottle which catches the eye of new and young aperitive enthusiasts. You can reed more about Vermucho in: www.vermucho.com

Cucos, Síntesis y Vermucho

Bulk wine

From the very beginning, our bodega has made wine to be sold in bulk. In the past, because it is located on a thoroughfare between Murcia and Valencia, it was usual for clients to stop to refill their wine supply before continuing on their journey. 
We later started to deliver wine to shops, bars and restaurants. And even now, we still sell bulk wine although the format has changed to something more modern such as bag-in-box or plastic containers. We mostly sell to clients who have known us all their lives and we even sell to their grown-up grandchildren.

Baginbox Viña Elena

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

The extra virgin olive oil produced by the olives from Bodegas Viña Elena were planted by Paco Pacheco. The groves are located on the slopes of the valley in poor, rocky soils with good sunlight exposure. The olives are harvested while still green (unripe) in order to obtain a high aromatic intensity. The olives are crushed as soon as they are harvested at a temperature of 24°C in order to capture their fruity green-olive aromas and flavours. This means that the amount of oil extracted is less than might be expected: for every kilo only 110 ml is produced.

The Arbequina olive variety produces delicate, elegant oils, which makes it ideal for those new to extra virgin olive oil.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra - ALMA DE EMI
Alma de Emi- AOVE

The soul is an essence that cannot be seen nor touched, yet sometimes can be tasted.

Mediterranean almonds

Our almonds constitute another of our primary products. The trees are cared for in a totally artisanal way. Together with the olives and the vines they create a perfect natural harmony that gives rise to the true flavour of the region.

Part of the almond crop is traditionally processed and packed in glass jars. They are roasted with salt and hot or smoked paprika, ideal for lavish aperitives.

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