Elena Burruezo Pacheco (fourth generation) is an economist, nutritionist and yogini. However, she still doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up.

She runs the Purchasing Department and treats suppliers with kindness and respect – although she always tries to drive a hard bargain. She is in charge of controlling supplies of raw materials, establish trustworthy, friendly relationships with everyone, and trying to make her colleagues’ working day enjoyable.

She has a strong character and a personality that oscillates between sweet and funny but also feisty when somethings not quite right. She might be elegant and serious one day, and another quite dishevelled while happily harvesting. Her specialty is doing her own thing in the bodega. She likes to manage but also sweep the warehouse. She’s sensitive, although she doesn’t like to show it, and has wild ideas that bring together her artistic and bohemian passions with the day to day running of the bodega, for example, she likes to paint with watercolours while in the vineyards.

If you like laughter, then come to Viña Elena where you’ll find Elena among piles of paperwork on the second floor just past the tasting room…that’s if she’s not in the vineyards.