Born in Jumilla in April 1973.

Elena studied the first two years of economics before deciding to take charge of the family bodega and redirect her career. Now she is a qualified Technical Specialist in Oenology and Viticulture, and holds an MSc in Oenology, Viticulture and Wine Marketing and an MA in Business Management and Administration.

She has spent most of her life between the town of Jumilla and the Estrecho de Marín, where the family bodega, founded by her grandfather in 1948, is located. Her father took over the business from his father, and Elena took over the business from her father. She has inherited her forebears love and passion for the Monastrell grape, the distinctive essence of Jumilla, and their enthusiasm for making premium wines from this exceptional variety.

Elena considers herself lucky to be able to work in a profession she loves, especially as she gets to work directly with her family. She has been in the wine business for over twenty years.

She is also chair of the Casa de los Ardachos agricultural society, which is primarily dedicated to the cultivation of vines, almonds and olives, to which the Pacheco estate has dedicated over 200 hectares.

Elena is an enthusiastic, optimistic and resolute hard worker. She is the personification of her crops – eager to grow, yet aware of the importance of roots.