Emi Pacheco, together with Elena, are the third generation at the helm of the bodega. She is the only blonde, blue-eyed sibling out of the four sisters. Mother of four, three of her off-springs now work at Viña Elena and constitute the fourth generation.

She has played a role in the family business since she was small. Emi is a resolute hard worker and is not afraid to get her hands dirty doing whatever it takes in the bodega. So much so, in fact, that she has always preferred work to study and has been with Viña Elena since 1982.

Her fighting spirit and determination in raising her large family says a lot about her capacity to multitask: running to the kitchen to check on the roast between client and client is a good example. You can always count on Emi for everything: harvesting, attending to clients, wine tastings, making you laugh…or even brightening your day with a dance.

When you come to buy wine, you’ll always notice Emi. She’s the one filling containers, sweeping the floor, or, calculator at the ready, letting you know she’s hurrying to attend to you with an energetic call of ‘Coming!’ You’ll notice her warmth and kindness the moment you meet her, gifts she bestows on everyone who comes through the door, the result of the passion for the bodega she inherited from her father and grandfather.