Fernando is the eldest of Emi’s four children and currently runs the bodega’s Export Department.

He studied Business Management and Administration, and on his return from an Erasmus Exchange Programme in Manchester in the UK, destiny played its part, and his aunt Elena took him to Vinexpo in Bordeaux where he found his new passion.

Aware of his lack of knowledge as regards the wine sector, the first thing he did was to venture to New Zealand to help with the harvest. On his return, he decided to study international commerce given that his new passion was the perfect match for another of his passions: travelling the world selling the family wines – his new objective. On finishing his MA in International Commerce, in 2016 he began to represent Viña Elena in Prowein (Germany), Canada, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, etc.

As everything seemed to come easy to him and he liked challenges, he decided to pack his bags once again and start from scratch on a new adventure, this time in Australia! Armed with New World wines, he worked as a sommelier in a restaurant that served over 1,200 wines from around the world. Every time he opened a bottle it was like travelling all over again!

The experience prompted him to learn even more about the wine sector, so he went on to study a WSET 3 before returning to the bodega with renewed energy and the enthusiasm to continue to sell wines but also to learn more about vines, vineyard husbandry, viticulture, and, above all, oenology.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be tasting one of his own wines.