María belongs to the fourth generation of the Pacheco Family and is in charge of the Wine Tourism Department.

Although she studied teaching and not about the wine sector, once she finished studying, she travelled abroad to learn and improve her level of English, a very important aspect of her current job.

On her return in 2018, she offered to help in the family business while she continued to study for state exams to join the civil service. However, something magical happened when she discovered the world of the bodega and the passion that surrounds wine tourism.

She is an excellent narrator of the family history, which she is also part of, and has strong ties that connect her to the passion and hard work of her grandfather Paco, her mother Emi and her aunt Elena. She assumes her responsibility with pride and is motivated to contribute to the business through her own hard work and enthusiasm.

María always receives everyone with a smile and does her utmost to ensure visitors leave with a good feeling about their visit. She is our storyteller, although her least known aspect is that of all-rounder: a wine enthusiast – she never misses a tasting event – maître in La Casa de los Abuelos, the first to rise with secateurs in hand ready to harvest, crush grapes or collect samples. She organises events to the last detail, talks about the wines as if they were her offspring, and, above all, works in the team helping in whatever needs doing, and always with a smile.